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battery for HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA +

High Quality Battery for HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA 52Wh 14.8V

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  • Availability : In stock

    Battery Type : Li-ion

    Voltage : 14.8V

    Capacity : 52Wh

    Color : Black

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Laptop Battery Warranty
laptop battery for HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA

AC Power Adapter for HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA

  • $ 35.56 45.89
  • High Quality replacement HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA adapter Includes AC Power Cord , Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz , Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection
  • Availability : In stock

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HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA battery specifications
Availability: In stock
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Capacity: 52Wh
Voltage: 14.8V
Color: Black
The condition of the product: Band New
Guarantee: 12 Months
RoHS compatible: YES
ReachG compatible and certified: YES
ChemG compliance with all prohibited substances: YES
Battery law complied: YES
Quality assurance program according to ADR YES
Safety tests according to UN38.3: YES
Aircraft approved according to IATA YES

Long Life HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA Notebook Battery, Buy with Confidence!

Bring your original laptop back to life with high-quality HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA laptop battery - Made of high-quality materials, top grade battery cells and packed with safety features.

  • Features of Our HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA replacement battery:
  • Fully compatible with the original laptops.
  • Low power consumption IC design.
  • No memory effect, fast charge.
  • Certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 for safety.
  • Our HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA battery contains Grade A battery cells to ensure longer battery life and more charge cycles.

How to replace your HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA Laptop Battery?

  • 1 . Turn off your HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA laptop and disconnect the AC adapter.
  • 2 . Release the latch or other attachment devices that hold your battery in place.
  • 3 . Slide the old battery out of its compartment or storage bay
  • 4 . Take the replacement battery for HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA laptop out of the box.
  • 5 . Slide it into the notch or bay.
  • 6 . Close the safety latch to lock it into place.
  • 7 . Reconnect the AC adapter and give the new battery for your HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA notebook a full charge.

Fit Machine Models:

  • HP EliteBook Folio 9470m
  • HP EliteBook Folio 9480m
  • HP Folio 9470m-C8K22PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-C8K20PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-C8K21PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-E7M31PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-E7M01PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-D5J68PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-D5J69PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-E7M32PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-E7M00PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-D5J70PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-i5 3427U
  • HP Folio 9470m-E5H44PA
  • HP Folio 9470m-E7M02PA
  • HP EliteBook Folio 9480m-G6H05AV
  • HP EliteBook Folio 9480m-J4Z36PT

Compatible with numbers:

  • HP BA06
  • HP BA06XL
  • HP BT04
  • HP BT04052XL-PL
  • HP BT04XL
  • HP 687517-171
  • HP 687517-241
  • HP 687945-001
  • HP 696621-001
  • HP H4Q47AA
  • HP H4Q48AA
Laptop Battery Buy Note Folio 9470m-E7M01PA  Battery