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Replacement Apple MacBook Batteries and Power Adapters

We carry rechargeable laptop batteries for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PowerBook, iBook and more. We use only the highest quality lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery cells made to precisely fit your Apple laptop. Higher quality cells mean they charge faster and last longer.

Apple Laptop Battery: (Use "Ctrl"+"F" to find your model)

Do you need to replace the Apple MacBook battery?

First, you should check the battery status of your MacBook to see if it needs to be replaced. To do this on macOS Big Sur and later, click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your computer and select System Preferences, then select Apple Battery from the resulting menu.

On the left sidebar, click "Battery", and then click the "Battery Health" button at the bottom.

The result window will display the battery status field whether it is Normal or recommended by the service. If you see the former, it means that your battery is normal. The recommended service does not necessarily mean that there is a problem, but you may find that the Apple Macbook battery has less power than before.

You will also see the maximum capacity of the Macbook battery. 100% means that its performance is as good as when it was brand new. A lower percentage, such as 80%, reflects how much raw power your Macbook battery can hold. For example, after a full charge, you may only be able to use it for 8 hours instead of 10 hours.

On older versions of macOS, you'll need to hold down the Option key and click the Macbook battery percentage icon in the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen to see how well your battery is healthy. This will show one of four possible states for mac battery condition:

  • NORMAL: Your battery does not need to be replaced.
  • Replace Soon: The Macbook battery is lower than it was when the new battery was powered.
  • Replace now: Your battery is well below its original capacity.
  • Service battery: The system detects a faulty Macbook battery.

This should tell you if you need to replace your MacBook battery.