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HP Laptop Battery

The HP laptop batteries is what makes it portable. It is therefore imperative that it offers optimal autonomy to provide comfort in use.

If your laptop battery is no longer able to provide you with an adequate charge, it's time to buy a new one on HP-Battery . Indeed, the cells of the battery are subjected to a natural aging which causes it to gradually lose their autonomy over time. On average, a laptop battery provides 500 charge cycles, or about 2 to 3 years.

On HP-Battery , we offer quality HP laptop batteries . Your safety is important to us, that's all that all our batteries are certified to comply with ISO 9001, CE and ROhs standards.

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What to consider when selecting a HP laptop battery

When you visit our site, you will have a different selection of HP laptop batteries. All of our battery can be connected to the voltage between all electrical outlets 240 and 100 volts.

While finding a Genuine battery for your HP laptop seems like a simple task, it is not if you don‘t know a few things. Indeed, it is not enough to know the brand and the reference of your laptop and your battery, it is also necessary to take into consideration the following elements:

HP Laptop battery voltage

battery voltage is very important when it comes to choosing a Genuine battery for your laptop.This voltage is expressed in volts.Typically, a laptop battery voltage of 10.8 V and 14.4 V of

Please note that it is impossible to interchange different battery voltages. If you continue to do so, the computer will no longer work or may be damaged.

Information on the laptop‘s voltage can be found on the rating sticker on the battery case or on the label in the original laptop case.

HP Battery capacity

The capacity of computer batteries should also be considered. the capacity is expressed in milliampere hours (mAh) or watt hours (Wh). In practice, the battery capacity is the amount of electricity supplied in one hour by a current of 1 amp.Its battery life.Therefore, higher display capacity, longer battery life.

Usually, the capacity of a laptop battery is 4400 meters.This corresponds to 108 cells. If you opt for a battery with a larger capacity, be aware that it will weigh heavier and will be more bulky and especially its size may not correspond to the size of the case of your laptop.

Remove the battery from the HP notebook

remove the battery from the laptop is a tricky business. If you have a removable battery, all you need to do is move the side latches, remove the battery.

If, on the other hand, your battery is not removable, you need to bring a screwdriver. To do this, carefully unscrew all the screws and pay attention to the screen cable when you are going to remove the battery.

If you are unsure of your maneuver, call on the services of a professional who will do it for you.

Do buy a battery on HP-Battery

On HP-Battery, we offer a fast delivery of 48 hours after the confirmation of your order if the model is in stock.

If you are not satisfied, you have 30 days to return the battery you bought from us. You will only bear the cost of returning the goods and we will take care of the Genuine and free shipment of the battery.

However, the faulty battery must be returned to us in its original packaging accompanied by its invoice. The battery must also be free of rust or moisture.

We also have after-sale service satisfy you and support your choice.

The Best Way to maintain batteries HP

there are some good practices to take care of your battery and thus extend its life.

When using your computer, always prefer a medium brightness so as not to drain your HP battery too quickly.But consider this, if you do not use Wi-Fi, turn it off.Bluetooth same thing.

When you're not using your computer, turn it off, rather than put it to sleep.And a small tip, the laptop battery will gradually lose its capacity from the date of manufacture.Accordingly, it is preferred to select a date of manufacture of the battery