HP-Battery Reviews

HP-Battery Reviews
Alain VerboomVerified Buyer
Usually there are few reviews, but I am really satisfied this time.
The battery packaging is very careful, with shock-proof sponge and static bag, and the logistics is very fast. The quality is very good. It is brand new. The size matches the machine exactly. It is comparable to the original one. The battery can be turned on directly after the battery is installed. There is no abnormality. The capacity is real and the use time is also very long. It is consistent with the description. The price/performance ratio is very high. I look forward to it. Durable, professional and responsible customer service. This was a very pleasant purchase! I have already recommended it to my friends and will come back next time if necessary!
Martina Kaindl Verified Buyer
A very good shopping experience. The service is attentive, the logistics is fast, the delivery is attentive, and the attitude is very good. Itโ€™s value for money. I give it a thumbs up!
Atila ArelVerified Buyer
After several years of shopping, I am very satisfied this time๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. The packaging is very careful, with shock-proof sponge and static bags, and the logistics is very fast. The quality is very good, it is brand new, the capacity is sufficient, and the installation is not difficult. You can see the battery by removing the screws of the back case. You can install it yourself if you are careful. It can be used directly after installation without any abnormality. The notebook that has been idle for many years has been revived with full health๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. The use time is also very long, consistent with the description, very cost-effective, recommended to buy, customer service is professional and responsible. I have already recommended it to my friends, and anyone in need can buy it with confidence.
P. McGowanVerified Buyer
Perfect replacement
Followed a YouTube on how to replace the battery into my laptop.
All went smoothly due to perfect battery fit and tools provided with the battery. My laptop now has all the power it needs to run well and for a long time this fully charged battery.
VladVerified Buyer
Easy, Fast, & just Perfect!
ENVY 360 this battery replaces an original one with ease.
Fits in just no issues, has great battery life and indistinguishable from the original one performancewise.
Inexpensive and reliable, that's all I can ask for.
CoreyVerified Buyer
Great customer service
I bought this battery hoping it would help my dying laptop. The instructions were very simple and they provided the special screw drivers you need to open up the laptop. I just needed one small phillips head screw drive and we were ready to install. The battery fit in perfectly and I confirmed that the part number matched the existing battery in my machine (HP Envy 17t-bw0000). After closing it back up, I was able to turn the laptop on, but the computer didn't recognize the battery. The seller's support team was very helpful with suggestions for re-installing the battery driver and running diagnostics. They suggested I request a replacement to help determine if the problem was the battery or my laptop. After trying the second replacement, however, I felt confident that the problem was my laptop. But it's great to know that there are affordable options for replacement laptop parts and that there are some relatively simple fixes to extend the life of your computer like these batteries!
Meg L.Verified Buyer
Dear Sirs,
I want to thank you for all the trouble you went through to find a battery that would fit my computer. It's companies like yours with great customer service that keep customers for life. I am an assistant manager at a Home Depot here in peachtree city Ga. and I help customer each and everyday. I know how challenging it can be. You went above and beyond to take care of me. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE
Mike Booker
An extremely satisfied customer
I will tell everyone about your company
Anthony S. Verified BuyerVerified Buyer
Testing the waters & so far so good. The batteries we are getting seem to be much better quality than what we are used to with other battery suppliers; packaging, preparation material used and even the weight of the batteries feel solid. We are excited to put these batteries to the test.
Gail R..Verified Buyer
Easy ordering, easy shopping; No tax and no shipping and two-year warranty are added pluses...What's not to like?- Thank you!
Anonymous CustomerVerified Buyer
Easy site to use & VERY informative, to make sure you get the right part & how to use/care for it even after you've received it. This is my second time ordering in 1 year! I will come back!
Paul F.Verified Buyer
So glad I found your web site, Sony after being on the phone with them for 15 minutes just trying to insure the availability of the battery wanted $*** plus shipping for the replacement battery, I found it effortlessly on your web site for $** I plan to tell everyone I know about your website!
Doug C.Verified Buyer
Your site is easy to navigate and I found my product easily. Your prices are very reasonable and you have a good reputation on the web. I chose your site because of this and you are located in my home state and I like to do business locally even on the web when I am able.
Mona L.Verified Buyer
I enjoyed reading the reviews from other customers and the tips for purchasing and caring for laptop batteries. I E-mail Customer Service to help me track my purchase. The gentleman on the E-mail was quite helpful and helped me to realize that my power cord needed to be replaced. I received that order quickly and found out that he was exactly right.
K. MiaoVerified Buyer
I ordered this after my laptop battery only held a charge for under an hour. After researching Dell's batteries, I realized that there's no particular benefit of ordering OEM, since people complained about the hit or miss nature of the Dell batteries. These batteries also have a similar issue with people complaining about the hit or miss nature, but I figured if I'm going to take a chance, it's more palatable to pay half the price. Also, the ease of a return with Amazon sealed the deal for me. So far, i'm getting a little over 3 hours on this battery, which is a big improvement over my original battery, which is a major positive for me. I'll monitor and repost if I'm having an issue. So, so far so good.
ghsoapsterVerified Buyer
Since I got my new laptop I have problems with it and it seems it was related to the Dell battery installed in it when I got it. Since I got the new non-Dell [but compatible to my computer] battery my laptop has been behaving much better. It's connecting with the wireless better and I'm not getting any error messages saying it can't tell what power source I have. The Dell replacement battery would have cost me over $100 and this battery only cost me $40. I've been nothing but satisfied with it.
Excelente producto!Verified Buyer
It's been a long time since I bought the battery, and it has worked perfectly. It has not had any details, and I feel happy because it is as if there was a second life to my beloved laptop: D
Bitter sweetVerified Buyer
This battery was great! I had previously purchased a battery from the company amazon. The amazon battery was faulty and stopped working after a month. I tried contacting the manufacturer since it was past the return window. amazon did not pick up and their voicemail was full. I finally had to return the faulty battery back to Amazon. Then I purchased a battery through hp-battery ,this battery has been very efficient. Thanks for the reliability hp-battery.
DavieVerified Buyer
After four months battery runs the computer a long time between charges. It seems to last as well as Battery when it was new. Good value and I will buy again when needed. If this changes I'll update review.
Niki ScoffieldVerified Buyer
Ordered this as a replacement for an original Dell Inspiron 5559 battery. Have been using it for a couple of weeks without any problems. It did take a little bit of fussing to get the battery to fit flat in the laptop, but once I got it lined up correctly, it sat flush in the case. I'll update this review should I run into any problems, but as of now, it seems to be a good replacement at a reasonable price. It arrived on time, in good packaging, and in good condition. I'd recommend it and I'd buy it again.
RegineVerified Buyer
This battery really works like when the Laptop was first purchased. Reading the comments I was a bit skeptical but I really needed a battery, I'm glad I made that choice. It lasts all day, I forgot to charge it the night before and I needed it the night before so I was almost positive it was dead or close to dying but it was at the same exact charge I left it the day before. Purchase this you WON'T regret it. An honest bang for your buck!!!
misterevVerified Buyer
My wife always kept the charger connected to her computer, not good for battery, just a bad habit. When her battery died, I found this battery listed at a very reasonable price. The battery was here in two days, packaged very well and fit great in the computer (for another computer, the instructions from another vendor said to trim the plastic of the battery to allow it to fit in my computer - not a good start). So far the battery has worked great, charges quickly and seems to last longer that her Battery did.
graffVerified Buyer
This replacement battery fit my laptop perfect. It was about 1/2 full when installed. I let it charge for about 7 hours and then unplugged it and used my laptop for approximately 3 hours. Left unplugged over night and in the morning laptop still had life left. Very pleased with this purchase.
misterevVerified Buyer
My wife always kept the charger connected to her computer, not good for battery, just a bad habit. When her battery died, I found this battery listed at a very reasonable price. The battery was here in two days, packaged very well and fit great in the computer (for another computer, the instructions from another vendor said to trim the plastic of the battery to allow it to fit in my computer - not a good start). So far the battery has worked great, charges quickly and seems to last longer that her Battery did.
Eva Ellen MilesVerified Buyer
I desperately needed a new battery for my laptop and this one worked to perfection. Before I got it, I had to be tied down by my laptop's charger because the old battery wouldn't even last a full minute on its own. It was very frustrating, but then, I got this battery and, not only did it fit perfectly, I charged it up immediately and it was able to work on its own for so much longer than a minute!! More like between 4 to 5 hours before I have to plug in again. Incredible!!!!
Meg L.Verified Buyer
So far so good, and the price was right. Breathed new life into an aging Laptop, that still has some life left in it. Gives me about 2.5 to 3 hrs of use on battery. Make sure to discharge to 2% and fully charge the battery to ensure longevity of the battery, I have only had it a couple days so I will update the review once I have used it longer but so far so good.
Mehmet TazeyurtVerified Buyer
I received my new battery on Friday and installed it and tested it on Saturday night and found that it wouldn't operate properly. On Sunday evening I sent an email to you describing my problem. Before 9:00 AM on Monday I received an email from you saying that you were shipping another battery to me that day and that you would credit my debit card $8.00 for the return shipping. I have received the 2nd battery and it works properly.
I was a little disappointed that the first battery didn't charge, but I am very impressed with your costumer service and I thank you for your help. I use several laptops, power inverters etc. in my business and you can count on me to order from you for my future needs.
I shipped the 1st battery back to you today.
Gary Allen
Premier Building Inspections
terpfan1980Verified Buyer
My now older ASUS ROG STRIX GL504GV has been sitting on the charger for a long, long time. Very rarely ever being used on the battery so the battery had developed a memory and was, after several years, no longer really actively charging. Thankfully this battery is a drop in replacement. Installation was fairly simple though I did check out a web based video to figure out how you are supposed to get the cable and connector loose. With that having been viewed the process was fairly simple though a little tricky in releasing the cable.
i'm pleased that I now can go back to running off the battery when I want and am no longer seeing the battery not charging at all.
Fairly priced, quickly shipped (though delayed in delivery for some unknown reason... 3 different delivery times were reported for the day prior to when the actual delivery took place, and the delivery was approximately 24 hours later than originally estimated and even then was actually a few hours closer to the end of the window rather than the beginning of the delivery window). Other than the frustration waiting for the delivery which was outside of the vendor's control, I was very happy. Hopefully I'll be just as happy years from now with this battery continuing to provide service as desired.
MTKSVerified Buyer
The price was reasonable for this HP battery. I would rather go with original battery than an off brand. Glad I switched it out, the old battery was swollen. Taking laptop apart was a chore, but once chassis was removed, installation was incredibly simple.