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laptop battery for 19.5V 9.2A 180W HP AC Adapter

180W AC Adapter Charger for HP Power Cord

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    Power : 180W

    Connector Size : 5.0mm(F)-7.4mm(M) dongle

    INPUT : AC 100-240V

    OUT PUT : 19.50V~ 9.2A

Laptop Battery Warranty


HP 19.5V 9.2A 180W HP AC Adapter Specifications
Compatibility: HP Smart AC Adapters are compatible with all HP Business Notebooks and Tablet PCs .
Power: 180W
Connector: 5.0mm(F)-7.4mm(M) dongle
Power Input AC 100-250V 50/60Hz
Weight: 0.72 lb
Warranty: The warranty period for HP Business Notebook adapters is one year.
What's in the box: 180W AC Adapter, power cable

Ensure a steady flow of power for your laptop with this universal charger. An integrated surge protection mechanism helps guard against dangerous electric spikes, while the 180-watt output ensures fast charging. This HP-BATTERY Technologies™ 9.2A universal laptop and Ultrabook charger comes with various charging pins for compatibility with most devices.

Fit Machine Models:


Fit Machine Models:

    FOR HP pavillon HDX9100, HDX9200 ,HDX9300, FOR HP EliteBook 8560w,8730w,8740w
    FOR PC portable compag nx9420 , ES439EA, ES440EA, ES440EAR, ES440ET, ES441EA, ES441ET, ES441ETR, ES442ET, ES443EA, ES443EAR, ES443ET, ES443ETR, ES444EA, ES444EAR, ES444ET, ES444ETR, ES445EA, ES445EAR, ES445ET, ES445ETR, ES446EA, ES446EAR, ES446ET, ES446ETR, ES457EA, ES457EAR, ES458EA, ES459EA, ES460EA, ES461EA, ES462EA, ES551EA, ES552EA, ES553EA, ES554EA, ES555EA, ES556EA, ES557EA, ES558EA, ES559EA, ES560EA, ES561EA, ES562EA, ES563EA, EV266AA, EV266AAR, EV267AA, EV267AAR, EV268AA, EV268AAR, EV269AA, EV269AAR, EV270AA, EV271AA, EV271AAR, EV271ET, EV271ETR, EV272AA, EV272AAR, EV272EA, EV272ET, EV272ETR, EV273AA, EX754PA, EX755PA, EX756PA, EX757PA, EX763PA, EX767PA, EX779PA, EX780PA, EX781PA, EX801PA, EX802PA, EY453ET, EZ255LA, RA047US, RA050US, RA051US, RA068US, RA079US, RA081US, RA110US, RA124US, RA185US, RC294PA, RC333PA, RD717PA RE640US, RE730US, RE772US, RE975PA, RE976PA, RF297UP, RF689PA, RF751UC, RF914UC, RG171UP, RG195LA, RH302UP
    FOR HP compag nx9420FF Notebook PC RE632US
    FOR PC portable HP Compq nw9440
    FOR HP pavillon G4, G6 ,G6t ,G7 ,M6 ,M7
    FOR HP EliteBook 2170p, 2530p, 2540p, 2560p, 2570p, 2730p, 2740p, 2760p, 6930p 8440p 8460p 8470p 8530w 8540p, 8540w, 8560p, 8570p
    FOR HP EliteBook Folio 9470m, 9480m
    FOR HP ProBook 430 G1, 430 G2, 440 G1, 440 G2, 450 G1, 450 G2, 455 G1, 640 G1, 650 G1
    FOR HP compag 6510b, 6530b, 6710b, 6720t, 6730b, 6735b, 6735s, 6910p, 8510P ,NC6400
    FOR HP Essential 630, 635, 650, 655, 3115m
    FOR HP Mini 2133, 2140, 5103
    FOR HP 3125, G42 ,G50 ,G56, G60 ,G61, G62, G70, G71, G72.
180W AC Adapter